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High performance skin and body therapies address men’s grooming, anti-aging, problematic skin and high stress lifestyle needs.  No longer a luxury, these services are a necessity for that competitive edge.

Many of the services we offer are available to both men and women and you are encouraged to explore the full menu.  However, we provide the following condensed menu of services to highlight those that are most popular with our male clientele.


Men’s Essential Facial – 50 min/$98

Effectively renew skin tone and texture, cleanse pores, soothe irritation, and hydrate skin with our customized facial.  Includes hand, arm and foot massage.

Epicuren Facial for Men – 60 min/$128

This facial addresses the most common skin issues for men: ingrown hairs, razor irritation, and overactive oil glands.  Using Epicuren’s Skintopia line, specifically formulated for men, and Epicuren Ensymes, this treatment finds a perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.

Men’s Age Intervention Facial – 60 min/$128

Epicuren advanced enzyme technology with hot peel maintains youth and vitality in the skin.  Results are diminished wrinkles, minimized pores and younger looking skin.

Express Facial – 30 min/$65

Enzyme exfoliation and purifying mask highlight this focused facial, while hands and arms are treated to a relaxing massage.


Back Facial – 60 min/$108

Sweaty workouts, outdoor sports and lack of attention can create clogged pores, breakouts and excess cellular buildup in this hard to reach area.  Deep cleansing and exfoliating are followed by a purifying mask and a massage application of hydrating lotion with SPF protection for complete skin revitalization.

Rescue Back Peel – 60 min/$98

This treatment treats sun damage and hyperpigmentation, resurfaces and tones environmentally aged skin.  Since benefits are cumulative, monthly treatments are recommended.


Swedish Massage – 50min/$98 or 80min/$132

Relax and unwind, light to medium pressure massage blending long strokes with compression to increase circulation and improve overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage – 50min/$108 or 80min/$148

This deeper style of massage focuses on treating muscles and muscle groups in their entirety to relieve stress and tension.  Recommended for those who receive regular body work.

Sports Massage – 50min/$108 or 80min/148

A specialized massage recommended for those involved in intense physical activity. This massage aids in reducing soreness associated with strenuous workouts.

Thai Massage – 60min/$125 or 80min/$175

This traditional massage is more like a personal yoga session, featuring slow stretching and breathing movements that will improve energy flow throughout the body.  Loose clothing is worn.  No oils are used.

Tension Tune-Up – 25min/$58

This effective “mini” massage focuses on back, neck and shoulder work.  Recommended for anyone with limited time to get some much needed relief.


Sports Revitalizer Package – approximately  2.5 hours/$265

Men’s Essential Facial, Eucalyptus Soak, 50 Minute Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Manicure.

Groomed for Success – approximately  2.5 hours/$230

Men’s Epicuren Facial, 50 Minute Swedish Massage, Sport Manicure.


Waxing for Men

  • Brows     $25
  • Uni Brow     $10
  • Neck     $15
  • Back     $55
  • Shoulders    $35
  • Chest    $39


  • Sport Manicure   $28
  • Sport Pedicure   $48
  • Sport Mani/Pedi Combo  $72