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Full Body Swedish Massage – 60 min/$98  or  90 min/$132

massage blending long strokes with compression to increase circulation and improve overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min/$108  or  90 min/$148

This deeper style of massage focuses on treating muscles and muscle groups in their entirety to relieve stress and tension.  Recommended for those who receive regular body work.

Sports Massage – 60 min/$108  or  90 min/$148

A specialized massage recommended for those involved in intense physical activity. This massage aids in reducing soreness associated with strenuous workouts.

Tension Tune-Up – 25 min/$58

This effective “mini” massage focuses on back, neck and shoulder work.  Recommended for anyone with limited time to get some much needed relief.

Maternity Massage Mellow Mama  – 60 min/$118

A nurturing massage for the mom-to-be.   This massage uses soothing strokes and key pregnancy body pillows for extra support and total relaxation. 

Sacred Stone Massage – 60 min/$155

This classic massage treatment uses the penetrating heat of basalt stones to induce deep relaxation, unlocking muscle tension.

Thai Massage – 60 min/$125  or  90 min/$175

This traditional massage is more like a personal yoga session, featuring slow stretching and breathing movements that will improve energy flow throughout the body.  Loose clothing is worn.  No oils are used.

Reflexology Foot Massage – 25 min/$60

Moderate pressure is applied to stimulate the reflexes of the feet to affect the rest of your body.  Come in early to enjoy a floral foot soak before your session.