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Introducing Bettty Pollock, RN, HNC, RYT

Holistic RNs are well trained & experienced in nurturing & healing the Body, Mind & Soul.  They use a variety of modalities & methods to help restore true health, harmony & balance.  As a Holistic RN, Betty Pollock offers her years of training & experience to the awakening of lasting wholeness & healing of Body, Mind & Soul.  She spent the early part of her nursing experience in traditional settings like Mount Sinai Medical center & a variety of medical clinics & centers.   She soon realized there was a great need for healing at a deeper level beyond physical and began the Holistic Nursing journey. 

 Betty has earned a BA in Biology, BS in Nursing & an international certification in Holistic Nursing.  In addition, she is certified in Anahata Yoga – a revitalizing, heart opening practice.  Betty’s personal journey brought her to a direct experience of Serenity & Joy beyond circumstance & the ease of healthy, balanced living.   After discovering her true calling, she emerged with new vision & fervor to guide others to optimal health of body, mind & spirit.  Today she continues in this spirit thru Meditative Massage, Energy Healing, Meditation, Nutrition & Mindful Exercise.  Her passion remains unshakeable & supported by the testimonies of those deeply touched by her services.


All Wellness Center Services start with a 90 minute initital session.

 Wellness Services


An experience that combines both Meditation & Massage simultaneously for optimal physical, mental & soulful relaxation.   The mind is gently guided while the attention is placed on tranquil thoughts & feelings.   As the body, mind & soul deeply relax into the experience, focus may be directed to the body part being massaged in the moment.   More circulation & rejuvenation may then enter the muscles & cells of each body part.   An exquisite, whole body-mind-soul experience with guidance for you take home to continue the balancing.

Full Body: 2 Massage Therapists  or  Foot, hands & head: 1 Massage Therapist


M&M  Plus Energy Balancing

This ultimate wellness experience powerfully enhances physical & mental energies to their natural, revitalized states.   The body mind & soul are gradually calmed & restored to tranquil, wholesome health both within & without.


Meditation & Energy Balancing

An exquisite combination of guided Meditation & Energy Balancing without massage for deeper exploration into meditative methods of Holistic healing. May be tailored for specific wellness issues of body, mind or spirit.


Holistic Nutrition & Exercise

An easy, effective, wholesome approach that refines each dietary food group.  A holistic learning experience that includes mindfulness plus the essentials of creating a relaxed atmosphere while dining to nourish the entire body, mind & soul.

Exercise: A most natural approach to physical fitness that explores what form of exercise is most enjoyable & unique to you.  Included are target heart range calculations plus the essentials of duration & frequency requirements for a variety of personal goals.